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Education. Program. Community.

There is a huge gap between tech talents supply and demand in our industry and we are here to bring the solutions.

With a good program come a good impact. Our company will bring the best program for tech ecosystem in Indonesia. We’re open for any collaboration

When talented people come together to share their valuable knowledge, it is the real power to create a change.

What We’ve Done

Hackatown Jogja, 2017
Developer challenge for citizen solution

Hackatown is when tech talents do care about their city problems and build solution based on technology for the society.

Jogja Geek Fair, 2017
Tech seminar and job fair

Jogja Geek Fair is the biggest tech job fair in Indonesia with 40+ companies and 3000+ job seekers joined from around Indonesia.
Job portal for tech industry

Tech talent hiring is tough and founded to bridge the gap between talented tech people and IT companies.

BCTN 1.0 -AKAR, 2018
International Blockchain for Grassroot Summit


BCTN is a Blockchain Cryptocurrency Talks and Networking event that was held in December 2018 and has brought together participants from all corners of the Indonesian and Asia Pacific ecosystem. BCTN succeed in bringing together Government officials, industry leaders and academics together to explore the important socio-economic issues for blockchain technology.

The conference focused on the theme of blockchain for grassroot movements. How blockchain can improve lives, better represent, and involve the under-served interests of the rural population through blockchain technology. 17 Blockchain industry speakers were presenting throughout the one-day conference and a spacious exhibitors hall allowed for plenty of networking opportunities for 700 local and international participants..

Who’s Behind

Indra Haryadi
CEO, Head of Program & Community

Indra is a serial entrepreneur with decade experiences and some portfolios. He was one of WMM awardee back in 2010. Now he is responsible to manage Facebook Developer Community in Jogja.

M. Aditya Arief Nugraha
Head of Strategic Partnership

Aditya first started his career in early 2000’s building IT business and services. For over 15 years, the company he founded has clients from across nation and more than 300 employees.

M. Kuntum Sangputri
Head of Investor Relations

Kuntum first started her career in 2006 as investment banking analyst at JP Morgan. Now she has more than 11 years of experience of Indonesia capital markets and M&A transactions.

Saga Iqranegara
Head of Operations

Saga started his first tech startup back in 2006. Since 2013, Telkom Indonesia put trust on him to manage tech incubator in JDV. As Chief of Aditif, he is responsible to build startup ecosystem.

Sonny Lazuardi
Associate Instructor

Sonny is a creative engineer, speaker, and open source enthusiast, React & React Native player. He contributed to some React Native projects and talked about React in meet-ups and conferences. Now he is working as a UX Engineer in Grab Singapore.

Pratama Setya Aji
Associate Instructor

Pratama is software developer, speaker, mentor, and interested javascript framework like meteor js and react, especially react native. Contribute on some of opensource github project. Now he is working as a head of development on and suport team on

Fatih Kalifa
Associate Instructor

Fatih Kalifa is a software engineer. He’s always curious about inner working of things and loves building things on web with JavaScript and React. He currently works as Web Infrastructure in Traveloka to help Web engineers deploy code safer, easier and faster.

Agnes Pinkan
External Relations

Pinkan has 2 years experience as a public relation in this industry. Here with us, she is responsible for building relationship with media and external stakeholders

Nadia Sekar
Internal Relations

Nadia has an outstanding performance in event management. She also helps Hacklab to keep connected with community leaders in many cities.